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(beta) Puzzle generator for Mac OS and Windows


(alpha) Space ship control panel based exploration and battle simulator

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More titles coming soon!

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About Protonerd

Protonerd has been many things over the years - online shop, music composition, photography, amateur radio enthusiast, etc., etc.. But one thing that has been consistent is that protonerd is a developer.

For over twenty years I have been writing quality software for myself and others. While most of my work has been commissioned, I have published cyber security software, proprietary messaging apps, file utilities, log management and analytics and many more utilities. In addition, I have received recognition from security and development publications from around the world.

I have recently gotten the urge to release some of my latest hobby projects publicly. That's what you'll find here. These programs are itches that needed to be scratched, so while they may not be as refined as a commissioned project, and they may seem to be perpetually in a state of development, they are some of my favorites. As such, I welcome feedback. 

If you have any comments, recommendations, concerns or bugs to report - please reach out via the contact info below.

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